Preserve the heritage of replicas of live steam engines and safeguard from abandonment and destruction all replicas of live steam engines and others.
Allow the construction and maintenance of a building to store the said live steam locomotive models in 3.5, 5 and 7.25 inch gauge, as well as all other live steam engines other than locomotives.
Create a collection which, if necessary, could be made available to a museum. Created on January 1, 2010, the Foundation is chaired by Yves Marclay, director of the transport company RegionAlps SA.
Its founding members all come from the Swiss Vapeur Parc public limited company. The project also benefits from the support of the former Valais State Councilor Claude Roch.

Foundation Board:
Mr. Yves Marclay, President
Mr. Sébastien Oggier, Vice President
Mr. Claude Roch
Mr. Julien Richard
Mr. André-Pierre Tardy
Mr. Charles-Henri Coutaz